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Paper For Animal Bedding

Our shredded paper can be used as absorbent and cost effective bedding for livestock. It can be used in its purest form as loose bedding or combined with other products such as straw, sawdust or shavings.
It offers greater benefits to straw or other paper based bedding products and represents greater value for money.

How does it work?

Our paper based bedding retains a latent alkalinity partially derived from the small amounts of residual gypsum contained within the product. The paper not only acts as an excellent absorbent, but has a disinfectant effect, helping to control harmful pathogens.
The paper once combined with manure, naturally composts into an excellent soil conditioner, adding body to soil when incorporated. This can then go to land spreading, under U8/U10 exemption.

What are the benefits?

  • Highly absorbent
  • Reduces odours
  • Reduces ammonia
  • Improves the overall livestock environment
  • Reduces foot and hoof problems 
  • Reduces incidence of dermatitis and mastitis
  • Mixes well with other products
  • Great value for money.

As part of our Administrative service, we offer help and advice on applying for spreading permits.